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Stay Safe

Keeping our employees and partners safe during #coronavirus

Encouraging employees to work from home:

In addition to the travel, event and visitor restrictions that we previously shared, we are providing additional guidance as we look to protect the health and safety of our workforce. We are strongly encouraging all employees globally to work from home if they’re able. Our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of the COVID-19 for us - and the world around us. We are operating out of an abundance of caution and the utmost dedication to keeping our partners healthy.

Paying our contractors, vendors and hourly workers:

For contractors and hourly workers who are not able to perform their responsibilities from home, World Trader PTY ltd will continue to pay their labor costs to cover standard working hours while World Trader PTY ltd’s work-from-home guidance and/or travel restrictions related to their assigned office are in effect.

While this is a big change for us, we have already been moving towards a more distributed workforce that’s increasingly remote. We're a global service and we’re committed to enabling anyone, anywhere to work at World Trader PTY ltd.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and continue adjusting our internal policies to respond to this rapidly-evolving situation.

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